1h 36m | Action, Drama, Romance |


Adan Ronquillo was fighting a group of thugs led by Ben Hapon and was arrested by his father. One night after setting free his father was murdered by a rogue police forces led by Gardo. Hepe approaches Adan about the incident. Abad kills one of Adan's friends and leaves a message to the Hepe. Adan finds Gardo's son who was responsible for his father's death and he has been ordered by Gardo to kill him and Adan kills him. Adan finds Gardo in the warehouse and one of Gardo's police force open fires at him. Adan kill most of Gardo's forces with a rifle with a grenade launcher. But Gardo escapes in a car with Adan chases him which they destroyed a fuel tanker as Adan shots Gardo in the back causing him to skid his car to a stop. Adan climbs out of his damaged car as Gardo was about to fire his gun at him Adan kills him and blows his car up. Ben Hapon informs to Moren to Gardo's death which enrages him.

Adan goes to his house to find her mother murdered by Ben Hapon and Karla has been captured by Moreno and he throws Ben Hapon out of the house and telling him to Moreno that he is coming for him. Adan goes to Moreno's Summer villa in Antipolo to rescue Karla and kills Ben Hapon. Hepe and his police forces arrive to help him and arrests Moreno's men. Moreno escapes with Karla. During the scuffle Moreno slaps Karla causing her to fell down the hill and badly shots her just as Adan arrives into the scene. Enraged Adan shots Moreno with his machine gun and mourns Karla believing to have been killed by Moreno just as Hepe arrives to help him. However Moreno still alive and aims his machine gun at them. Adan is shot by him before he and Hepe shot Moreno to death. Karla has survived the scuffle with Moreno and was in a wheeling chair mourning for Adan's death in the cemetery with Adan's friend and sister Elma. Hepe arrives and tells them that Adan survived he was only shot in the arm by Moreno before he and Hepe killed Moreno.

Joey Del Rosario


Jojo Lapus


Lily Monteverde (executive producer)
Charo Santos Concio (executive producer)
Roger Vivero (associate producer)
Ramon N. Bautista (supervising producer)
RRJ Productions (line producer)


Pablo Bautista
Danny Bustos


Dionisio 'Nonong' Buencamino (musical director)

Editorial Department:

Renato De Leon
Armando Jarlego (assistant editor)
Toni Acurin (assistant editor)

Production Design/Art Department:

Arthur Sta. Maria (production design)
Abel Molina (art director)
Roland Tapang (propsman)
Jerry Guanlao (setting)
Bert Isleta (setting)
Erick Torrente (armory supervisor)
Dexter Torrente (armorer)
Pol Pascablo (armorer)
Ambo Perez (armorer)
Bong Alvarez (armorer)
Noli Magat (armorer)
Donald Ortilla (armorer)
Davy Torrente (armorer)

Malou Taplacido (hair and make-up)
Baby Datu (hair and make-up)
Cynthia Cruz (wardrobe mistress)

Special Effects
Erick Torrente 
Erwin Torrente 
Cholo Gallegos
Romy Mendoza
Darwin Torrente
Edong Ragasa (assistant special effects)
Gerry Manandsala (assistant special effects)
Ricky Orellano (assistant special effects)
Wiwi Varona (assistant special effects)
Rocio Padilla (assistant special effects)
Boy Orellano (assistant special effects)
Joe Arevalo (assistant special effects)
Jong-Jong Raquiza (assistant special effects)
Big Boy Franca (assistant special effects)
Changa De Guzman (assistant special effects)

Vic Delotavo (layout artist)

Production Management:

Resty Herrera (production manager)
Agnes Valencia (project accountant)
Levy Lualhati (field cashier)
Rheniel Villapando (schedule master)

Sound Department:

Jun Cabrales (sound effects)
Rolly Ruta (sound supervision)
Lucy Quinto (dubbing supervisor)
Robert Magbintang (looper)
Toni Monata (looper)
Lito Alcantara (soundman - All Scope Cinema-I)
Jessie Bacoro (clapper - All Scope Cinema-I)
Garym Abejuela (boom man - All Scope Cinema-I)

Camera and Lighting Department:

Culie Soriao (assistant cameraman - All Scope Cinema-I)
Ernesto Dominguez (second-unit cameraman)
Rudy Aquino (assistant cameraman - Imus Production Unit-II)
Anthony Villanueva (electrician)
Rex Apante (gaffer)
Abe Aboga (best boy)
Obet Aquino (best boy)
Eric Santos (best boy)
Jimmy Lualhati (best boy)
Candido Lontoc (best boy)
Gilbert Campat (best boy)
Danny Viray (h.m.i. boy - Imus Production Unit-II)
Oscar Bautista (h.m.i. boy - Imus Production Unit-II)
Rocky Quinto (h.m.i. boy - Imus Production Unit-II)
Tris Flores (h.m.i. boy - Imus Production Unit-II)
Danny Borjal (h.m.i. boy - Imus Production Unit-II)
Rey Flores (h.m.i. boy - Imus Production Unit-II)
Oscar Manzon (platform and dolly boy - Imus Production Unit-II)
Ferdie Alcantara (platform and dolly boy - Imus Production Unit-II)
Noel Bautista (platform and dolly boy - Imus Production Unit-II)
Buchoy Dumigti (platform and dolly boy - Imus Production Unit-II)
Ome Buete (platform and dolly boy - Imus Production Unit-II)


Gani Celis (post-production coordinator)
Magna-tech Omni (post-production facilities)
LVN Pictures Inc. (color processing and printing)
Boni Austria (optical operator)

Assistant/Associate Director:

Gregg De Guzman (associate director)

Production Company:

Regal Films, Star Cinema


Ramon 'Bong' Revilla, Jr. (as Adan Ronquillo)
Sheryl Cruz (as Karla)
Miguel Rodriguez (as Gardo)
Niño Muhlach (as Bunso)
Daniel Fernando (as Abad)
Dante Rivero (as Pedring Ronquillo)
Ronaldo Valdez (as Moreno)
Perla Bautista (as Chayong Ronquillo)
Edgar Mande (as Jimboy)
Andy Poe (as Hepe)
Abby Viduya (as Elma Ronquillo)
Rez Cortez (as Paolo)
King Gutierrez (as Ben Hapon)
Ruben Rustia (as Lolo Panyog)
Edwin Reyes (as Totoy Kulit)
Romeo Rivera (as Mang Ador)
Mia Gutierrez (as Aling Cedes)
Manjo Del Mundo (as Torres)
Tom Olivar (as Zoilo)
Usman Hassim (as Moro)
Ben Tisoy (as Tatang)
Renato Del Prado (as Natoy)
Joey Padilla (as Joey)
Rene Hawkins (as Bumbay)
Robert Miller
Edgar Santiago (as Santiago)
Tony Tacorda (as Pangilinan)
Roland Montes (as Lando)
Rhey Roldan (as Head Smuggler)
Vic Belaro (as Victor)
Polly Cadsawan (as Cadsawan)
Eddie Samonte (as Edong)
Rey Fabian (as Fabian)
Telly Babasa (as Boy Baba)
Fernando Atienza
Bernard Atienza (as Nardo)
Joe Baltazar (as Johnny)
Nonoy De Guzman (as Nonong)
Efren Reyes (as Head Kidnapper)
Joe Jardi
Allan Medina (as Lando)
Noel Domdom (as Noly)
Norman Herras (as Manny)
Benjie Buenviaje (as Ben)
Benito Ong (as Chinese Businessman)
Charlene Ong (as Kidnap Victim)
Gregg De Guzman (as Salazar)
Jojo Lapuz (as Carreon)
McCoy Villaroman (as De Leon)
Erwin Torrente (as Cholo)
Erick Torrente (as Dek Dek)
Ben Ambon (as Benny) 
Ramon Fernandez (as Fernando)

Additional Crew:

Baldo Marro (stunts director)
Alfie Lorenzo (publicity and promotions)
Lolit Solis (publicity and promotions)
Jojo Lapus (story research)
Nas Espinosa (stand-in for Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr.)
Chris Borja (script supervisor)
Rudy Pontigon (stills - Roper's Studio)
Noel Cunanan (catering services)
Caridad Cunanan (catering services)
Erning Escobar (crowd control)

All-Scope Cinema-I
Domingo Nico (crew)
Eddie Ramirez (crew)
Joel Abejuela (crew)
Alfonso Soriano (crew)
Dodong Soriao (apprentice)
Willie Bocoro (apprentice)

Imus Production Unit-II
James Ramos (crew)
Boy Ramos (service driver)
Jun Tanigue (service driver)
Nonoy Vivero (service driver)
Noli Torres (service driver)

Boy & Baby Tan (Playboy Apparel)
Vision City
Lolit Solis
California Trends
JE Youth Camp, Tanay, Rizal
Dr. Victor J. Dela Cruz (Tondo General Hospital - Medical Center Chief II) - Tondo, Manila
Romeo O. Odi (senior superintendent, district director Western Police District Command) - United Nations Avenue, Manila
Rodolfo Rival, Sr/ (chief inspector, PNP, chief mpsv Western Police District Command) 
Leopoldo A. Tiamson (barangay chairman) - Barangay Paligsahan, Quezon City

Alternative Title:
Year: 1993
Genre: Action





Tanay, Rizal

Awards, Recognition, & Participation:
Total Running Time: 1h 36m
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio:
Sound Mix: Mono
General Carrier Specific Carrier Form Completeness
Film 35mm Trailer Complete
Film 35mm Cuts Incomplete
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