3h 30min | Action, Drama |


Flashbacks encompass the history of the Philippines as well as the life story of the elderly Daniel Aguila. The Aguila family gathers to celebrate Daniel's 88th birthday, but the old man is nowhere to be seen -- he has been missing for a decade. Suspecting that his father is in Mindanao, one of his sons takes off for that region in a determined search. Along the way, his memories of the nation and his father's life tell the story of eighty tumultuous years of personal and historical development.

Eddie Romero


Eddie Romero


Rolando S. Atienza (executive producer)
Rafael M. Fabie (associate producer)
Eddie Romero


Mike De Leon
Rody Lacap (associate)


Ryan Cayabyab
Basil Valdez (theme song)

Editorial Department:

Ben Barcelon
Ben Samson (assistant)

Production Design/Art Department:

Mel Chionglo
Benjie De Guzman (property master)
Rafael del Casal (portrait of Amalia Fuentes)
Badong Bernal (principal costumer)
Dennis Cid de Leon (wardrobe master)
Butch Lengson (wardrobe master)
Mariano Garcia (special effects)
Teofilo Hilario (special effects)
Ernesto Tanguin (special effects)

Production Management:

Cenón González (unit manager)
Joey Romero

Sound Department:

Tony Gosalvez (sound effects supervisor)
Rolly Ruta (recording supervisor)
Rudy Teope (field sound mixer)

Camera and Lighting Department:

Pablito Ibañez (gaffer)

Assistant/Associate Director:

Allan Noble
Joey Romero

Production Company:

Bancom Audiovision


Fernando Poe Jr. (as Daniel)
Amalia Fuentes (as Isabel)
Christopher De Leon (as Mari)
Elizabeth Oropesa (as Lilian)
Jay Ilagan (as Osman)
Charo Santos-Concio (as Sally)
Chanda Romero (as Diwata)
Daria Ramirez (as Elvira)
Eddie Garcia (as Simeon)
Celia Rodriguez (as Margo)
Orestes Ojeda (as Vic)
Susan Valdez-LeGoff (as Bessie)
Johnny Delgado (as Ibrahim)
Sandy Andolong (as Farida)
Conrad Poe (as Karim)
Ivette Christine
Dave Brodett (as Artemio)
Ruben Rustia (as Caram)
Lito Anzures (as Datu Khalid)
Ricky Sandico (as Raul)
Joonee Gamboa (as Cadio)
Roderick Paulate (as Quintin)
Behn Cervantes (as Basilio)
Ricky Rivero (as Daniel)
Odette Khan (as Binay)
Aga Muhlach (as Danielito)
Rolando Tinio    
R.V. Romero    
Henry Salcedo
Tom Madden
Richard Lorentz
Annie Ferrer
George Weber
Maria Luisa Gabaldon
P.V. Gabaldon
George Albert Romero
Dhemy Cardenas
Serafin Payawal
Archie Lacson
The Penthouse Seven Dancers
Malou de Guzman

Additional Crew:

Rhual Victorino (still photographer)
Boots W. Fernandez (script supervisor)
Frecile Diaz-Iniego (apprentice)
Claire Felicen (apprentice)

Alternative Title:
Year: 1980
Genre: Action





Nasugbu, Batangas
Los Baños, Laguna
Lumban, Laguna
Magdalena, Laguna
Binondo, Manila
Tanay, Rizal

Awards, Recognition, & Participation:

Best Picture - Aguila
29th FAMAS Awards (1981)

Best Director - Eddie Romero
29th FAMAS Awards (1981)

Best Screenplay - Eddie Romero
29th FAMAS Awards (1981)

Best Cinematography - Mike de Leon
29th FAMAS Awards (1981)

Best Picture - Aguila
29th FAMAS Awards (1981)

Best Supporting Actress - Daria Ramirez
6th Gawad Urian Awards (1981)

Nominations - 29th FAMAS Awards (1981)
Best Actor - Christopher de Leon 
Best Supporting Actor - Jay Ilagan

Nominations - 6th Gawad Urian Awards (1981)
Best Picture - Aguila 
Best Direction - Eddie Romero
Best Screenplay - Eddie Romero
Best Supporting Actor - Jay Ilagan and Jonee Gamboa
Best Cinematography - Mike de Leon and Rody Lacap
Best Editing - Ben Barcelon 
Best Music - Ryan Cayabyab

Special Screening
Cinemaone Originals (2019)

Special Screening
9th Cínemalayà Independent Film Festival (2013)

Total Running Time: 3h 30min
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio:
Sound Mix:
18 October 2019, Friday