1h 57min | Drama, Romance |


What if you met the woman you wanted to make your wife after you married someone else? Ian Montes is a picture of success. Despite being a son of a shipping tycoon, Ian refused to just ride in his father's empire. He built his own real estate company and earned his first million at a very young age. He never looked back since then. Driven by his ambition to become better, if not as good as his father, Ian managed to make it on his own. But behind all the glory is a man yearning for love and recognition. Wounded from the abandonment of their mother when he was 17 and desperate for his father's approval, Ian longed for someone who can and will love him unconditionally. And he felt this twice when he met two women who would change his life forever - Joanna and Karyn. Joanna Villanueva is a picture of quiet confidence and success. Healing from a heartbreak caused by an errant ex-husband, Joanna found love again when she rescued Ian from a water-skiing accident in La Union. Being a doctor, Joanna nurtured Ian and showered him with love and attention. With Joanna, Ian found the home he sorely missed and a life of bliss he never thought he could have. But there is also Karyn. Karyn Torres is a flight stewardess he met when he once went to Macau for a business trip. At 24, Karyn is the epitome of youthful sensuality and worldliness. With Karyn, every moment is filled with excitement and spontaneity. With Karyn, Ian found the life he's always wanted. And so Ian is left with a choice... In the end, Ian, Joanna and Karyn learn - though in the most painful ways - the true meaning of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Maryo J. De Los Reyes


Vanessa R. Valdez


Elma S. Medua (producer)
Carmi Raymundo (associate producer)
Malou N. Santos (executive producer)
Charo Santos-Concio (executive producer)


Gary L. Gardoce


Jesse Lucas

Editorial Department:

Tara Illenberger

Production Design/Art Department:

Gerry Santos (production designer)
Bobet Lopez (art director)
Daisy Gabelo (wardrobe)
Mila Escobar (wardrobe)
Jaya Angeles (wardrobe)
Erwin Galang (setman/propsman)
Allan Portes (setman/propsman)
Rex Bumatay (setman/propsman)
JR Candelario (setman/propsman)
Clarence (setman/propsman)
Ryan Mariano (setman/propsman)
 Elmer Catungal (production make-up artist)
Jan Vincent Cargo (production make-up artist)
Engelbert Bautista (production make-up artist)
Jose Dulay (production make-up artist)
Dennis Dela Cruz (additional make-up)
Angie Abellano (hair stylist of Maricel Soriano)
Jimmy Liu (hair stylist of Maricel Soriano)
Arsenia Huganas (make-up artist of Aga Muhlach)

Production Management:

Mike Astudillo (production manager)
Jun Cudia (assistant production manager)
Bernadette A. David (senior production assistant)
Maria Richella Damo (junior production assistant)
Joycelyn Sta. Maria (production coordinator)
Mariz Beltran (production coordinator)
Cherry Grace Buan (production coordinator)
Joel Benitez (schedule master)
Russel Lucido (schedule master)
Cecila Mapoy (field cashier)

Sound Department:

Albert Michael Idioma (sound engineer)
Ramon Eulloran (field sound supervisor)
Jonjon Corpuz (clapper/loader)
Ronnie Raguindon (bestboy)
Bonifacio Martin (boom operator)
Manolito Ampon (boom operator)

Camera and Lighting Department:

Alvin Despa (assistant cameraman)
Raul Agravante (still photographer)
Johny Albia (still photographer)
Choy Paclauna (still photographer)
Jeffrey Baltazar (gaffer)
Elmer Despa (second camera operator)
David Carlo Mendoza (second camera operator)
Rolando Pedroso (video assist)
Jose Vargas (electrician)
Ely Echalas (dolly operator)
Victor Gabelo (HMI operator/grips)
Peregrino Tadem (HMI operator/grips)
Rolando Dela Cruz (grip 1)
Jessie Capiral (grip 2)
Rafael Flores (kinoflo operator)
Bernard Flores (kinoflo operator)
Eden Pobe (arrisun operator)
Jerry Ponpon (arrisun operator)
Alex Cuaderno (utility)
Resty Capiral (utility)
Paul Cequena (utility)
Lito Perido (utility)
Mark Anthony Perido (utility)
Renato Delfin (utilityman)
Joel Cabigting (genet operator/driver)
Diomedes Bohol (grip truck driver)


Elma S. Medua (manager)
Nanette Castro (supervisor)
Albert Feliciano (technical specialist)
Allan Garcia (post production assistant)
Elmer Buencamino (colortimer)
Arturo Jarlego (optical artist)
Lucy Quinto (dubbing supervisor)
Carmen Serafin (dubbing supervisor)

Assistant/Associate Director:

Jerry O' Hara (assistant director)
Marcelo Boot (2nd assistant director)

Production Company:

ABS-CBN Film Productions
Star Cinema


Maricel Soriano (as Joanna Villanueva)
Aga Muhlach (as Ian Montes)
Angelica Panganiban (as Karyn Torres)
Dante Rivero (as Serge Montes)
Chin Chin Gutierrez (as Concha)
Bobby Andrews (as Roy)
TJ Trinidad (as Rick Montes)
Baron Geisler (as Macky Villanueva)
John Arcilla (as Steve)
Gerald Madrid (as Jake Villanueva)
Marc Acueza (as Jason)
Bart Guingona (as Hector Villanueva)
RS Francisco (as Dr. Philip)
Anita Linda (as Inang Sion)
Eva Darren (as Delia)
Gilleth Sandico (as Tet Torres)
Jaymee Joaquin (as Mars)
Charee Pineda (as Stacey)
Dianne Medina (as Camille)
Mark Gil (as Peter)
Carla Humphries (as Ava)
Bonita Donato (as Marian)
Liza Diño (as Monica)
Rose-Cel Aguilar (as Lyn Montes)
Julijo Pisk (as Drew)

Additional Crew:

Han Salazar (crowd director)
Jeffrey Canduba (crowd director)
Bigtime Castillo (crowd control)
Nestor Balla (crowd control)
Toni Gata (driver)
Nato Cortez (driver)
Renato Sanao (driver)
Danny Venida (driver)
Marlon Flores (driver)
Bernard Adonis (driver)
Ariel Sevilla (driver)
Erlinda Lugue (talent coordinator)
Josie Tagle (talent coordinator)
Alice Lim (talent coordinator)
Gerry Bricenio (talent coordinator)
Baying Promotions (talent coordinator)
Melvic Cabasag (music rights & clearances officer)
Rally Cruz (unit bus driver)
Paulita V. Cortez (catering)

Alternative Title:
Year: 2007
Genre: Drama




Awards, Recognition, & Participation:

Best Director - Maryo J. de los Reyes
56th FAMAS Award (2008)

Best Editing - Tara Illenberger
56th FAMAS Award (2008)

Best Musical Score - Jesse Lucas
56th FAMAS Award (2008)

Best Picture - A Love Story
26th Luna Awards (2008)

Best Director - Maryo J. de los Reyes
26th Luna Awards (2008)

Best Supporting Actor - Dante Rivero
26th Luna Awards (2008)

Best Supporting Actress - Angelica Panganiban
26th Luna Awards (2008)

Best Screenplay - Vanessa R. Valdez
26th Luna Awards (2008)

Movie Original Screenplay of the Year - Vanessa R. Valdez
PMPC Star Awards for Movies

Nominations - 56th FAMAS Award (2008)
Best Picture - A Love story
Best Actor - Aga Muhlach
Best Actress - Maricel Soriano
Best Screenplay - Vanessa R. Valdez
Best Story - Vanessa R. Valdez
Best Cinematography - Gary Gardoce
Best Art Direction - Gerry Santos

Nominations - 26th Luna Awards
Best Actor - Aga Muhlach
Best Actress - Maricel Soriano
Best Editing - Tara Illenberger
Best Sound - Albert Michael Idioma

Nominations - Golden Screen Award
Best Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role (Drama) - Maricel Soriano
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Drama, Musical or Comedy) - Angelica Panganiban

Nominations  - PMPC Star Award
Movie of the Year - Star Cinema
Movie Director of the Year - Maryo J. de los Reyes
Movie Actress of the Year - Maricel Soriano
Movie Actor of the Year - Aga Muhlach
Movie Cinematographer of the Year - Gary Gardoce
Movie Musical Scorer of the Year - Jesse Lucas
Movie Sound Engineer of the Year - Albert Michael Idioma

Total Running Time: 1h 57min
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio:
Sound Mix:
General Carrier Specific Carrier Form Completeness
Optical DVD Feature Complete
18 October 2019, Friday