1h 36min | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi |


Remington is in love with Hannah but she finds him lazy and uncouth. Then he starts to change. Suddenly he is becoming neater, nicer, more sensitive. Is he doing it for her? Or is something beyond his control changing him into someone he is not? He discovers that his gradual transformation is tied to something he did long ago, to childhood transgressions and curses uttered in graveyards. Hannah falls for the new and improved Remington, but he starts falling for someone else. As the ghosts of Remington's past come to haunt him, so do the the Zombadings. Undead, fabulous, they threaten to rock this sleepy town to death.

Jade Castro


Raymond Lee
Jade Castro
Michiko Yamamoto


Donna Castillo (producer: Post Manila)


Ike Avellana


Teresa Barrozo (music)
Owel Alvero (composer: Additional music)
Martin Tensuan (composer: additional music)
Enzo Sta. Juana (piano coach)

Editorial Department:
Production Design/Art Department:

Norman Regalado
Michael Labora (art director)
Rodelio Roxas (art director)
Onath Cruz (special make up team)
Georginna Desuasido (special makeup: zombie)
Cherry Fortes (assistant makeup artist)
Ronnie Martinez (makeup artist)
Denden Vargas (special make up team)
Bebe Bolinas (design and art department)
Cocoy Bolinas (design and art department)
Karl Castro (poster designer)
Louie Cordero (poster artwork)
Vonn Ryan Geduriagao (design and art department)
Michael Mendez (design and art department)
Kathleen Hynson Patacsil (design and art department)
Alain Romano (design and art department)
Joseph Vicente (design and art department)

Production Management:

Ianne Oandasan (production manager)
Alfredo Romeo Q. Santos (general manager: SQ Film Laboratories)
Anastacio Angelo A. Santos (production manager: SQ Film Laboratories)
Agnes A. Valencia (production accountant)
Eileen Remoroza (production assistant)
Lester Babiera (production assistant)
Lemuel dela Cruz (production assistant)

Sound Department:

Sonny Alalay (dubber: Wildsound Studios)
Leonel Benjamin (dubber: Wildsound Studios)
Louie Boy B. Cadag (utility: Wildsound Studios)
Lamberto Casas Jr. (re-recording mixer: Wildsound studios / sound engineer / sound engineer: Wildsound Studios)
Devi de Veyra (dubber: Wildsound Studios)
Josie Galvez (dubbing supervisor: Wildsound Studios)
R.J. Garcia (dubber: Wildsound Studios)
Albert Michael Idioma (sound supervisor: Wildsound studios)
Maria Theresa T. Idioma (studio head: Wildsound Studios)
Raymond Lee (dubber: Wildsound Studios)
Mark Locsin (live sound recordist)
Jayme Natividad (dubber: Wildsound studios)
Mell Navarro (dubber: Wildsound studios)
Karenina Claire Ramos (project coordinator: Wildsound studios)
Herbert Relagio (soundman)
Allen Roy Santos (adr engineer: Wildsound Studios)
Vincent Sy (dubber: Wildsound Studios)
Addiss Tabong (sound supervisor: Wildsound Studios)
Alex Tomboc (re-recording mixer: Wildsound studios / sound engineer / sound engineer: Wildsound studios)
Noel Urbano (dubber: Wildsound studios)
Rosanna Villegas (dubber: Wildsound Studios)

Camera and Lighting Department:

Melvyn M. Quimosing (post-production head: Post Manila)

Assistant/Associate Director:

Olive de Leon (additional assistant director)
Raymond Lee (second unit director)
Andrew Legarda (second assistant director)
Marinette Lusanta (additional assistant director)
Han Salazar (assistant director)
Sherad Anthony Sanchez (second unit director)

Production Company:

Origin8 Media
Reality Entertainment
SQ Film Laboratories
Post Manila


Martin Escudero
Lauren Young
Kerbie Zamora
Janice de Belen
John Regala

Additional Crew:

Hyro Aguinaldo (consultant: Gay lingo / production assistant / subtitles: Gayspeak)
Nessa Alcoresa (ecn department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Anna Angala (regional media)
Mario F. Antonio (chemical department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Patricio B. Baguio (ecn department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Tammy Bejerano (operations manager: marketing and distribution)
Bernalyn P. Bolado (senior chemist: SQ Film Laboratories)
Elmer Buencamino (technical operations manager: SQ Film Laboratories)
Roy A. Calais (ecn department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Wilfredo R. Camposano (utility department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Noreen Castillo (finance officer: Post Manila)
Jade Castro (subtitles: English)
Jun Curampez (utility: Post Manila)
Mylene Dahil-Dahil (utility: Post Manila)
Rosalina N. Damian (sales and marketing manager: SQ Film Laboratories)
Mycko David (music video producer)
Edward Dee (booking officer)
Seneza Delfin (utility)
Silver Delmoro (utility: Post Manila)
Gay Ace Domingo (publicity and media liaison)
Jeff Ebina (utility)
Marvin Empamano (utility)
Ricardo A. Enriquez Jr. (ecn department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Katski Flores (music video producer / new media content provider / new media supervisor: marketing and distribution)
Ulysses Formanez (armorer)
Nelissa Go (executive assistant: marketing and distribution)
Dave Hukom (business unit head/producer: Post Manila)
Pepito D. Jacinto (printing department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Roberto Jimeno (ecn department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Arthur V. Juntado (timing/quality control department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Raymond Lee (marketing and distribution head / new media content provider / subtitles: English)
Andrew Legarda (script continuity)
Efren C. Lopera (printing department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Geraldine J. Lualthati (publicity and media liaison)
Joselito H. Mag-atas (printing department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Leomerando A. Manansala (printing department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Reynaldo Marinay Jr. (utility: Post Manila)
Marissa Mayores (finance: Post Manila)
Darwin Medina (utility)
Briliant Miranda (network systems engineer: Post Manila)
Mell Navarro (publicity and media liaison)
Willa Paglicawan (finance: Post Manila)
Patrick Rebollida (dance coach)
Anthony Sadi (utility)
Alfredo Romeo Q. Santos (research and development: SQ Film Laboratories)
Milagros Joyce A. Santos (finance and administrative officer: SQ Film Laboratories)
Ernesto Sigasig (utility department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Reynaldo Q. Silvano Jr. (IT department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Dennis C. Silvestre (business development manager: SQ Film Laboratories)
Isabel A. Tagayona (ecn department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Rocel Teliwik (utility: Post Manila)
Matt Valdovino (utlity)
Antonio A. Valencia (timing/quality control department: SQ Film Laboratories)
G.A. Villafuerte (script continuity)
Edgar S. Villanueva (laboratory manager: SQ Film Laboratories)
Elson A. Villanueva (timing/quality control department: SQ Film Laboratories)
Victor Villanueva (New Media content provider)

Alternative Title:
Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy




Awards, Recognition, & Participation:
Total Running Time: 1h 36min
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio:
Sound Mix:
18 October 2019, Friday