PPP4 Spotlight: Noontime Drama

November 06, 2020

by Stefano Ortiz

In this edition of PPP4 Spotlight, we will be covering “Noontime Drama,” a short film co-directed by Kim Timan and Sam Villa-Real currently screening at the 4th Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP). 

“Noontime Drama” is part of CineMarya at PPP4, which premiered the 12 finalists of  the CineMarya Women’s Short Film Festival, a short film lab initiative founded by the Department of the Interior and Local Government in partnership with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), Quezon City Film Development Council, and Philippine Commission on Women.

CineMarya aims to celebrate and empower women filmmakers. Films screening under CineMarya feature women-centered narratives that tackle relevant issues regarding gender and women’s rights.

As part of PPP4’s Short Film Showcase, the 12 CineMarya films are screening for free from October 31 to December 13. In addition to CineMarya, the PPP4 Short Film Showcase also includes five films from past editions of the Sine Kabataan Short Film Competition and 63 films from 21 regional film festivals across the country.

For more information regarding the festival and to know about the different subscription options, you may visit the FDCP Channel (fdcpchannel.ph) and the PPP Facebook page (www.facebook.com/FDCPPPP). You may also contact [email protected].  


“Noontime Drama” (2020)

Directed by Kim Timan and Sam Villa-Real

CineMarya at PPP Section

Kim Timan and Sam Villa-Real’s “Noontime Drama” is set in a single morning shared by a mother named Sona (Susan Africa) and her daughter Leslie (Zan Donato). The mother prepares Kare-Kare while listening to a noontime radio drama while an unfocused Leslie not too skilfully helps out.

Subtle hints and small talk develop a rising conflict which, once it arrives, provides a moment of explosion in an otherwise tranquil afternoon. This momentary explosion brings out the central conflict of the short film which, without providing any spoilers, touches on issues of gender, social expectations, and sexuality. 

The film’s setting, fittingly a kitchen, is deftly used by the filmmakers to heighten each moment and signal particular problems between mother and daughter. Meanwhile, the addition of an ongoing radio drama provides more than a touch of reality and brings a sense of awkwardness and insight. The mother fills in the silences by commenting on the drama, which tells the usual clichéd story of a love triangle and at the same time touches on traditional forms of romantic love.

“Noontime Drama” is appropriately screening under CineMarya. During its short runtime of just about 12 minutes, the film ably touches on significant and relevant issues concerning gender and emphasizes the need for contemporary Philippine society to continue developing its perspectives and beliefs on traditional roles and expectations. 

In a brief morning preparing food for a family reunion, a mother and daughter’s relationship shows the possibility of progressing through these beliefs, however slow. 

“Noontime Drama” writer and director Timan describes her film as a story of “letting go” and this is exactly captured in the film’s ending, one filled with warmth and irreplaceable familial love.

To watch “Noontime Drama” and other CineMarya films, visit fdcpchannel.ph or facebook.com/FDCPPPP. 

Source: https://www.fdcp.ph/media/ppp4-spotlight-noontime-drama

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